I love skateboarding!!!

As many of you know… Its National Go Skateboarding Day. This means that you should go skate! I have been lucky enough to be able to skate the last 4 years straight on this day!  For many this is the one day a year that they go skate… but for the die hard skaters this is just “our” holiday amongst all holidays! There are many different ways to skate, places to skate, and even ideas on skateboarding. That is what we are all about… skate how you want.. but go skate!

I have been working on getting a skateboarding page up for a while now and I finally got one! It took me a while but I found it appropriate to finally put it up on National Go Skateboarding Day! Make sure to check it out! Now quit looking at the internet and Go Skate!!!

About ChrisBattenPhotography

I am an amature photographer who loves to take pictures of any subject. Some of my favorites include skateboarding, snowboarding, parties, and the outdoors. I have recently been working with some models as well and have been enjoying the change. All of the subjects I shoot are things I do as an individual. There is so much more I still want to learn and explore...
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