South Dakota

This summer I went to South Dakota for vacation. Most people would think this to be a drag and the last place they would choose to go. For me it was an easy decision to go. It was our 80th family reunion and a chance to spend time with family I don’t get to see often. While I was there I got lucky and found a few great spots for some pictures while we were playing with shotguns, tractors, and endless amounts of food. South Dakota has more to offer than you think!

About ChrisBattenPhotography

I am an amature photographer who loves to take pictures of any subject. Some of my favorites include skateboarding, snowboarding, parties, and the outdoors. I have recently been working with some models as well and have been enjoying the change. All of the subjects I shoot are things I do as an individual. There is so much more I still want to learn and explore...
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