Outlaws of Dirt at Frisco, CO

I had the opportunity to shoot both Outlaws of Dirt contests that happened in Colorado in the last 3 months. It was great seeing the talent that came out to compete and gave me an incredible chance to shoot the best dirt jumpers in the world. Thank you to Mikes Camera and the Outlaws of Dirt for putting on such a great event. I also want to thank everyone who voted for me along the way and helped me win 3rd place in each of the photo contests. I am honored to be a part of this family and also win my first contests as a photographer. Thank you all! Here are all the shots from the event.

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Tons of New Pictures

I have updated almost every page on my website! It has been long overdue that I posted some pictures I took almost 2 years ago. Make sure to check out the all new flowers page as well as the others to find a new favorite picture. Let me know what you think!

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Outlaws of Dirt

Last weekend I attended the Outlaws of Dirt BMX and MTB dirt jumping competition in Lyons, CO. Here are a few teasers but make sure to check out all the action here.

Outlaws_Of_Dirt_001 Outlaws_Of_Dirt_005_banners Outlaws_Of_Dirt_004 Outlaws_Of_Dirt_026

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I love skateboarding!!!

As many of you know… Its National Go Skateboarding Day. This means that you should go skate! I have been lucky enough to be able to skate the last 4 years straight on this day!  For many this is the one day a year that they go skate… but for the die hard skaters this is just “our” holiday amongst all holidays! There are many different ways to skate, places to skate, and even ideas on skateboarding. That is what we are all about… skate how you want.. but go skate!

I have been working on getting a skateboarding page up for a while now and I finally got one! It took me a while but I found it appropriate to finally put it up on National Go Skateboarding Day! Make sure to check it out! Now quit looking at the internet and Go Skate!!!

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This is just a preview of a few expressions and individuals that are in this album. Did your face make my Faces in the Crowd page ?

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2012 SIA with Grenade

Big thanks to Grenade Gloves for getting me into SIA this year. I had the chance to hang out with the crew and also get to shoot some pictures for them. Take a look at the shots I got and a small preview of what they have coming out next year right here.

After the show, Grenade hosted an after party with 686 and Skullcandy at Casselmans Bar. The event was a “Lights Out Boxing” match with all the boxers being individuals in the industry. The night was filled with big hits, good people, and lots of cold drinks. Thanks to all the sponsors. Check out some of the action from the night!

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Michael Menert and Paul Basic Play Sky

A couple guys under the Pretty Lights label played in Greeley, CO last week at Sky Nightclub. You may have heard of them… Michael Menert and Paul Basic. These homies really put on a great show and bring out a great crowd and throw one hell of a party!

Make sure to check out all the photos!

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Prom… 1985 Style

Last weekend I traveled back in time to 1985… the first place I went was prom! This was Missy’s 40th birthday.

Check out all the radical action here!

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Welcome to ChrisBattenPhotography! Here you will be able to see my latest work and also a collection of my work in the past. I will update the running blog with anything that sparks my interest and update pages as I get more work. Please take time to look at all the pages to see the variety of my work. I hope you enjoy!


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