Private Client Gallery

The purpose of your private individual gallery is to view the images from your session and be able to select which ones you want as final edits. The images displayed in the gallery have had only basic touch-ups done. The images you select will then have final editing done to them including color adjustments, skin blemish removal, stray hairs removed, and final cropping of the images. Please email the file numbers of the images you would like to have final editing done to.

The images here are posted in a low resolution format with a “SAMPLE” watermark on them. They are for you to view only to make your selections. These ARE NOT to be shown to anyone besides family members in the selection process and are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from being used on ANY social media or for personal use of any kind. Any violation of this policy will be considered to be a breach of contract and additional fees or termination of contract, deemed appropriate by ChrisBattenPhotography, will be incurred.

Gallery will remain active for 90 days or until the order is complete; whichever comes first. Gallery’s are password protected. The password you listed on your signed contract will be used. If you have forgot your password or never marked one please email to retrieve the correct gallery password.

Ryan B.  8-16-14

Brandi S. 8-17-14

Garrett S. 8-30-14

Stephanie S. 9-14-14

Danielle S. 9-20-14